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  Established in 2009, Shenzhen Ansheng Mould Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “AXA”) has seized the opportunity of the explosive growth of the Chinese automobile market, and used complex molds such as engine peripheral products, automobile lights, and two-color parts in the industry. It stands out and has won many Fortune 500 auto parts suppliers such as MAHLE, BEHR, MAGNA, VALEO, GEIGER, and 90% of its products are exported to European and American countries, covering well-known automobile factories such as BMW, Audi, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, etc. And set up factories and technical service centers in France and the United States.

  The reason why AXA has been able to rise rapidly among thousands of mold companies in China is because he always maintains a sense of crisis and takes the initiative at critical moments.

  Quickly cut into car engine peripheral products

  In the highly competitive injection mold industry, homogeneous price competition continues one after another, and how to position determines how far the company can go in the future.

  At the beginning of its establishment, AXA aimed at the blank market of engine peripheral products and focused on the development of molds in this field. Its general manager Liu Yihuan had many years of project management experience in French mold companies and served as a project management consultant for Valeo. The needs of first-class automotive suppliers are well understood. Liu Yihuan said that the surrounding products of the engine need to be resistant to high temperatures, and use PA+glass fiber materials, which are easy to deform. To overcome this problem, AXA collects and analyzes the data of deformed products and imports the mold design to minimize the probability of product deformation.

  Starting with the engine peripheral products, AXA has opened up a blue ocean in the market. Today, he has developed intake manifolds, fan cooling systems, engine air conditioning systems, engine dampers, two-color car lights, and center console structural parts. There are more than 20 patented products and more than 300 sets of annual output.

  Scientific trial process to debug each set of molds

  In addition to products, AXA has also tapped new competitiveness in the trial process. In most domestic mold companies, mold trials are not valued and they have not adopted the correct trial mold process. Usually the traditional injection molding process is based on mold performance and product appearance to set injection parameters, while the correct and scientific injection process is based on the correct and scientific injection process. Test whether the performance of the mold can meet the tolerance size and appearance requirements of the product. Liu Yihuan said: “Molds are for injection molding services. We hope to provide customers with unique value. During the process, we will continue to optimize the molds and find the most efficient and stable injection parameters through scientific injection molding processes. Through the clamping and injection of different machines The glue pressure is converted to match the injection molding machines of different brands of customers."

  As a result, AXA has refined a set of scientific mold trial procedures. The commissioning technicians operate in strict accordance with the requirements in each step, check mold defects as much as possible, and optimize the mold to the greatest extent. More importantly, record what process parameters the mold is suitable for in the trial mold, such as material temperature, melt and mold temperature, mold clamping pressure, cooling cycle, etc., to find the best process parameters, and then quickly produce during the entire trial mold For qualified samples, the data will be shared with customers so that customers can establish data with the same processing conditions for smooth production.

  Pay attention to two-board machine application technology

  It can be seen from the mold trial process that AXA has no less knowledge of injection molding machine technology than molds. Seeing the future trend of injection molding, AXA purchased the Yizumi UN1200D1 two-platen injection molding machine.

  For AXA, the basic configuration of the D1 two-platen machine can meet the needs of forming complex products, and has produced BMW fan brackets, Rolls-Royce lights, BMW engine intake manifolds, Bosch toolboxes and other products. But what AXA values more is the advanced functions of the D1 two-platen machine, such as low-pressure injection and precise mold opening, as well as the intelligent computer system, which can be connected to new technologies, such as micro-foaming technology.

  "We are very interested in applying these technologies. This is what we need." Liu Yihuan said frankly that with the increasing pressure of competition in the industry, the new technology of the two-board machine can help AXA products realize more possibilities. It is a trend in the injection molding industry. European customers have already approached us to discuss foam molds. These technologies will not be us, and others will adopt them. AXA must be prepared first."

  Today’s advantages will be replaced by tomorrow’s trends. It is this sense of crisis that prompted AXA to choose to cooperate with Yizumi. It is worth noting that due to the Lamborghini two-color car light project, AXA is currently working with Yizumi to jointly develop a two-color turntable to realize the linkage of the two-shot platform and the two-color turntable on the D1 two-platen machine. This is not the first development cooperation between AXA and Yizumi. At the 2016 K show, Yizumi developed a V-shaped micro-radiation station for the AXA two-color car central control console. Liu Yihuan said: "Yizumi's team is very dedicated. We look forward to more in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the field of micro-foaming and product segmentation in the future."